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Sacha Goldberger
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This series explores the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement (also known as Chabad) around its New York nerve centre, the 770, the synagogue of the great Rabbi Mena’hem Mendel Schneerson, the movement’s spiritual guide. The goal was to challenge preconceived notions surrounding the “men in black”, often seen as extremists while in fact differing from other orthodox movements by its openness to the outside world and its desire to respect God’s commandments in a spirit of joy, enthusiasm, generosity and selflessness. Sacha Goldberger and his co-author Ben Bensimon say: “Through these pictures, we wanted to take a positive, poetic, spiritual and sometimes funny look at the Jewish religion. By taking pictures of these men and women we were able to observe their ability to laugh at themselves and their capacity to share joy.”

Road map

Height: 250 mm

Width: 110 mm

Unfolded size : 100 x 155 cm

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