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Vincent Delerm
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I made myself a promise. Not the beach. Not like everyone else. Not being magnetised. Thinking I’m cleverer and wanting to capture an “other Deauville”. And then at the end of the afternoon thinking: I’ve captured so many moments far from the waves, I can probably allow myself a few, just like that, to finish the day. Going and hanging out on the planches. Like everyone else.
A few weeks later, when looking at the images, realising that these rare pictures, the ones from the end of the afternoon, were always better than the other ones. That all these days far from the sea were leading me to it. So not fighting it anymore. Not wanting to be cleverer anymore. Looking at the beach. Looking at the sea. In Deauville.
Like everyone else.

Road map

Height: 25 cm

Width: 11 cm

Unfolded size : 100 x 155 cm

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